How to create a Point of Difference for your business

Do you have a clear point of difference in your business relative to the competition? It has never been more important to have a clear point of difference in business – customers now have far greater choice, are more informed and for many businesses, competition is not just the business down the road – but […]

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How to create a compelling Elevator Pitch

You are attending an event and someone asks you what you do. You want to make a good impression but how do you get your message across in a way that creates interest and prompts the listener to seek more information? Most people will respond with what they do – “I am an Accountant”, “I […]

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How to create a Cash Flow Forecast

A Cash Flow Forecast is a powerful tool that can help business owners more effectively manage their business. A Cash Flow Forecast is really like a roadmap for the cash that flows through your business – it will highlight for you where you have cash shortfalls and times when surplus cash will be available. Just […]

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Is a lack of sales really your problem?

When things in business are not going well – you are confronted with a lack of sales, customers are not walking through the door and bills are piling up, it can be easy to fall into the trap of throwing more money and resources at your marketing in the hope that this will remedy the […]

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Networking a necessity for business success!

Being a Mentor is an important part of Paul Smart’s life. Recently retired after a diverse and successful business career, Paul now has time to put something back into his local business community in Geelong. Paul is also involved in an honorary capacity with Geelong Chamber of Commerce. You cant just sit by the phone […]

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Social Media Marketing Specialist - Michelle Michie

Social Media Marketing to Build Business Muscle

Now in her fourth year as a Mentor, Michelle Michie draws on her experience and knowledge in publishing and entertainment to help business owners master their marketing skills.  As Managing Director of Nicholson Media Group, Michelle worked on creative projects in the Arts and Entertainment sector. She produced flagship publications such as the monthly Australian […]

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Roger Wilson Franchising Specialist

Avoiding Failure in Franchising

Experience in Franchising Avoiding failure in Franchising is something Roger Wilson understands. As one of the pioneers of Franchising in Australia, he knows how business owners benefit from sound, professional support during the start-up and growth stages of their business. As the General Manager of Forty Winks for over 20 years, Roger built the company […]

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