Complete Reblocking Service in Melbourne

What is reblocking and why do I need it?
Often, we get asked: what’s the difference between restumping, reblocking and underpinning? They all relate to the process of restabilising your foundations to minimise the risk of structural damage.

What we can tell you is that restumping is exactly the same as reblocking! Moreover, underpinning is more a process of restabilising the base structures above the stump, as well as top soil analysis, and is a broader volume of work.
Back to reblocking. This is a process of replacing the wooden, resin or concrete ‘stumps’ that underpin your house. As gravity, soil conditions, water and hail, and indeed time itself work their damage on your property’s stump, there needs to be a process to restore them back to their original condition. Enter, re-blocking, which is a robust process of carrying out a brief report, detailed assessment, stump replacement/renewal, and finally a post implementation review of the physical activity that went into your house.

Process of Reblocking
The process itself is complex. It involves getting architectural plans and approval from the council in most cases. Further, it also involves engaging field workers and engineers to perform activities such as floorboard removal, top soil evaluation (to ensure your soil isn’t working against your property!), and more. Fortunately, our professional reblocking Melbourne services team can assist you in navigating through the complexities to arrive at an outcome you need.