FUNXTION Wristbands

FunXtion experience station is a one-stop service station with integrated technology devices, providing a wide range of views of the library, exercises, challenge and timers. Members and personal trainers can create their own custom classes on this station.FUNXTION Wristbands are made and designed for the experience station, because these FUNXTION Wristbands were debossed the LOGO as its original appearance (which the same as their website or their center), except that, a phrase like a slogan”PLAY and Be FIT” was also debossed on the other side of the FUNXTION Wristbands, and filled the fonts with the same color of the LOGO. FUNXTION Wristbands can be widely used by members and coaches of the experience station, due to their soft features,they will not affect any activities of the wearers, not only that, such cheap rubber wristbands are usually light and convenient, any fields are appropriate to use them.If you don’t know where to custom silicone wristbands, please come to GSJJ freely,or check our for further understanding.


Custom wristbands Size: 8″*1/2″


Thickness: 1.5mm


Style: Debossed with two colors filled wristbands