Highgate Proactive Health


If you need the expert services of naturopaths in Adelaide, then Highgate Proactive Health is the service provider you need to contact. With Geraldine Headley at the helm, we have made ourselves into the finest providers of natural and herbal treatment options in the Adelaide area. We believe in one simple concept – naturopathy and herbal treatment are the only two options that can give you a good and stable health, minus the side-effects of chemical drugs.  

We make it a mission to diagnose and understand the problems you might be suffering, including but not limited to, lack of energy, loss of concentration and focus, unnecessary tiredness, etc. Once we understand the problem, we prepare to strike the symptoms at the root with our natural treatment options and hypnotherapy. Our consultants specialise in anxiety treatment in Adelaide, which helps us to make your life a whole lot easier. Your health is our concern, and we will do all that we can to protect it and make it better.

Your exhaustion levels become and stay increased when your energy levels get depleted even when you are sitting and watching TV. It is our responsibility to understand what might be causing this energy leak and try to fix it. When you book an appointment with a naturopath in Adelaide at our clinic, we not only work to improve your health but also work to introduce you to a new and improved YOU.

Here is a list of services you will be able to enjoy when you call us up and book an appointment.

  • Detailed health coaching
  • Medical hypnosis
  • Naturopathy and Holistic treatment
  • Proper diet and nutrition related instructions