Mobile Expert

We, at Mobile Expert, are known to offer you one-on-one solution while repairing mobile, tablet or computer. We offer iPhone, iPad, laptop, MacBook and Samsung, Gaming consoles repairs, Micro Soldering, LCD and FPC connector as well as touch IC repairs in and around Brisbane. Our services are cost-effective and come easy to book them online. We can even bring your damaged device to our store for quick repair and service.

We invest in state of the art equipment that offers motherboard repair, screen repair, problem diagnosis as well as water damage repair services at a reasonable rate. When it comes to repairing phones, we cover different brands that made us favourable to various clients.

Why choose us:
We offer a one-off service with quality customer care when it comes to repairing electronic gadgets. So, whether you have shattered screen, dead phone or malfunctioning motherboard, we fix it all with proper diagnosis. We are expert repairers, who disassemble your device and replace the damaged parts.

Services we offer:

• iPhone repair
• iPad repair
• laptop repair
• MacBook repair
• Samsung repair
• Gaming consoles repairs
• Micro Soldering
• LCD and FPC connector
• Touch IC repairs