SOS Rehydrate Australia

Be it athletes or lifestyle users, everybody needs a rehydration drink at some point whether they are travelling, hiking, playing sport, or recovering.. If most people are drinking water , SOS is three times more effective than water and natural. It’s in powder form so that it can be made ready to drink, so it’s non perishable and perfectly compact! It’s so concentrated one single Sachet can be quite easily diluted into 400mls and still beneficial and enjoyable . All this we do with nor artificial ingredients, with plant based Stevia used as the sweetener. The quality of the product has real medicinal value and is as effective as an IV drip and on the sports field we have Informed Sport approval, which means we meet all the WADA/ASADA anti doping guidelines, and are used by many in elite sports clubs in the AFL, Rugby Union and on the Road to Rio with the Australian Olympic and Paralympic Athletes.