Underpinning Reblocking Melbourne

Reblocking Melbourne. At Underpinning Melbourne, we know that reblocking your homes is one of the most maintenance-intensive and tricky projects you can do around the home. This article is designed to give you an overview of what reblocking entails and what you need to consider. Reblocking is the process of replacing old material stumps on a house that uses subfloors as a basis for its building foundations, with new, enhanced stumps.
What happens to stumps over time? Much like any infrastructure, they begin to decay. After a period of time if they are not replaced damaged stumps can cause structural instability to your foundations, cracks in the walls, sloping and doors which move out of frame.
A professional restrumping services company is usually the best point of call to assist you in reblocking your investment.

It’s great to have an idea between between Reblocking and underpinning.
Underpinning is the revitalisation of concrete or additional material to support existing flat foundations. Reblocking is about replacing the material itself – using wooden, steel or concrete ‘blocks’