Growing a Business Q&A

I’ve been in business for a while. What assistance is there to help me grow?

There are various ways of improving or growing your business. Consider developing more innovative ways to run your business, expanding online or even exporting your products or services.

For some ideas to help get your business growing, download the growing your business checklist.

For further assistance, consider contacting a business advisor. Search for your nearest government-funded business advisor using Advisor Finder.

Marketing your business products or services should be done with a plan as each business has different marketing needs. To help you get started, download the marketing plan template and guide.

In order to attract business from government, small businesses need to understand the rules and processes involved. There are a number of resources and guides available to help you. For more information refer to the selling to government guide.

For further assistance and a list of current opportunities, refer to information on government tender opportunities.

When you make changes to your business, you may also need to change your business name details. To do this, you must inform the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

You must also inform the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) about any changes to your Australian Business Number (ABN) registration details. Please note that when you change your business structure you are also required to apply for a new ABN.

For information on how to change your ABN details, visit the change of registration details page on the ATO website.