I.P. Q&A

Intellectual Property

 How do I register a trade mark?

To protect your business name from being used by someone else, you can register it as a trade mark.

Do I have copyright protection?

Copyright protection is free and automatic, covering ideas and information expressed in forms such as writing, music, visual images, broadcasts, sound recording, moving images and computer programs.

Consider using a copyright notice or symbol in order to deter others from copying your work unlawfully.

For more information, visit the IP Australia website.

I have invented a new product. How do I protect it?

Consider applying for a patent. A patent is legally enforceable and gives you the exclusive right to commercially exploit your invention for the life of the patent. The only creations that can’t be patented are artistic creations, mathematical models, plans, schemes or mental processes.

For more information on patents, visit the IP Australia website.

To protect your intellectual assets overseas, consider international intellectual property protection for each country you do business with.

It’s important to understand that every country has different intellectual property laws, and although Australia has agreements in place to make it easier to obtain rights in some countries, international protection can be costly and complicated.

For more information on international intellectual property protection, visit the IP Australia website.