Creating a Realistic Business Plan

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Creating a Realistic Business Plan

A realistic business plan should be a compass that guides the growth and direction of your business. However, unfortunately in our experience , while many business owners attempt to write a plan, they commonly give up half way through or even if they do finish, the plan ends up in a bottom drawer gathering dust.

The TSBI “Creating a Realistic Business Plan” workshop is a unique concept designed specifically for small business to provide them with a practical tool you can use to keep yourself on track and guide the growth your business.

Support extends beyond the workshop

To assist you through the process, each participant  is provided with a “one to one” mentoring session with an experienced Small Business Mentor at no additional cost! You can use the session with the Mentor to refine your Plan, check your assumptions and also clarify any questions that may arise post the workshop!

Creating a Realistic Business Plan – How it works.

During the Workshop you will be led through the creation process and will be asked to fill in various boxes in your Workbook, with information relating to YOUR business along the way. The key to this approach is that it is about YOUR business and not a generic template.

With the guidance of an experienced facilitator you will work on elements of your Plan and make notes to insert into the Business Plan template that you will receive on a TSBI ‘flash drive’ at the conclusion of the workshop.

You can then work directly with your allocated business mentor during your “one to one”  session to discuss any areas of confusion or challenges that you have found in completing your personalised plan.

Realistic Business Plan – Action not theory!

Our 3 Point Business Plan Process deliberately looks at business planning in a different light!

We believe a Business Plan should work more like the itinerary for a journey – rather than as a theoretical tome! As such it requires an appropriate blend of considered reasoning to justify the workability of your business concept plus creation of prioritised Action Plans to bring the idea to fruition.

The process you will learn therefore looks at 3 key components:

  • What your business is really about and who are your customers
  • How much money do you require to achieve your goals
  • What actions you need take to grow your business and keep it moving forward

So what will you learn?

At the completion of this Workshop you will have:

  • A clear understanding of the components of a Business Plan
  • A clear and concise framework for developing a Plan relevant to YOUR business idea
  • A clear understanding of the financial needs for your business’ success
  • A clear set of Action Plans to bring your business idea to life

Tools you will receive:

  •  A Realistic Business Plan Workbook
  • A ‘Flash Drive’ that contains with a series of templates, checklists and tools to assist with your planning process
  • A Mentoring session with an experienced business Mentor to help you review and/or refine your Plan

Get your business moving with a Realistic Business Plan

Trying to run a business without a well thought out Business Plan is a recipe for wasted resources and lost opportunity! Enrol today and together with like minded business owners,  learn how to create a realistic Business Plan that will set you on the path to realising your goals and dreams!