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Business Marketplace Melbourne – Show what you do!

The Business Marketplace Team were concerned that many participants at trade and business events were willing to pay a fortune to hear speakers deliver a motivational message but would return to their work environment and lose the momentum to implement what they had heard. They also felt that after delivering a high-energy, razzle-dazzle presentation, many motivational speakers would put down the microphone and were no longer accountable to their audience.

The team create events in great locations where business people can showcase their business and network with each other. Adding world class speakers to the mix, meant participants and interested public could be inspired into action in a powerful and effective way. At these events, participants can access the information and resources they need in a way that can be easily integrated it into their business when they return back to the office.

By becoming stallholders, businesses can “strut their stuff”, generate sales, learn about suppliers of benefit to their business and most importantly, connect with other business owners

The Business Marketplace provides the time and location where people in business meet, buy, sell, and connect on one special day. This major event, will take place on the 23rd October at the Melbourne Show Grounds.

The Melbourne Show Grounds was selected because it has the right atmosphere for the event and the Exhibition Pavilion is perfect for housing over 600 stalls where businesses can show their wares.

Business people and the general public can attend the whole day for just $49.00 and soak up the expertise of all the speakers as well as connect with exhibitors. Businesses wanting to grab this opportunity to show their wares, can book a stall for $500.

Extensive marketing and promotion before the day has been put in place to draw a crowd of over 1200 people. The event is free to the public so they can connect with businesses on show. The 2013 Business Marketplace Team have done everything they can to ensure that the event is not just an opportunity to hear great speakers. It is a day for SME’s to showcase what they do in a compelling way, get out and network and gain more business.

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