Blueye Eyewear Pty Ltd

Since the time of inception in the year 1995, we have been working on introducing the new eyewear concept. We started our business with goggle designing, and today we are reputed manufacturers and distributors of eyewear. Over the time, polarised sunglasses and other styles have introduced that made our clientele. Our polarised, biker, Harley, polo protective surfing and sports sunglasses are some of the editions in your product list. Our Blueye Polarised lenses are made from the polycarbonate that makes an eyewear perfect for the health of the eyes.


Why choose us: Besides manufacturing goggles as our primary product, we are specialised now in designing a new range of sunglasses for leisure and sports enthusiasts. Our range of sports and biker goggles are liked by all active people, who love to be stylish and fashionable as well.

Blueye Eyewear

Why choose us?

Our lenses are made of polycarbonate material.
Depending on the frame style, your ensure lenses to be impact-resistance.
Blueye lenses are thicker in the middle and thinner towards the end, and that ensures visual clarity without any distortion.
Our lens material protect your eyes
Protects your eyes from heat

Products we offer:

Air sports
Biker eyewear
Polarised sunglasses
Water Sports