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5 Top Baby Gates Questions And Answers

If you are new parents of a soon to be toddler, one of the many issues that will be on your mind deals with baby gates. You may have a lot of questions if this is your first child. With that said, here is a look at 5 of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding safety gates for the home.

At What Age Do Baby Gates Become Necessary?

This is perhaps one of the top questions asked. There is no real set time because all children are different. One family many need to have a gate up and working when their youngster gets to 4 months, while another family may not need one until their child hits 7 months.

Generally speaking, once your baby begins to roll over, and billig flyttstädning stockholm certainly when they start to crawl, you need to be seriously looking into getting a gate installed where you need it. The motto here is better to be early than late. Accidents can happen quickly.

Do I Need A Special Kind Of Safety Gate Around The Stairs In Our Home?

Yes, if you have stairs in your home you will need to be extra careful in the type of gates you install at the top of them. I’ve seen many parents put up a simple pressure gate and vad kostar flyttstädning mistakenly believe that it will prevent their child from going down the steps. Unfortunately, this style of gate can be pushed over with relative ease by children.

To prevent falls down the stairs you should have a hardware mounted gate that will permanently attach to the wall or frame surrounding the stairs. It gives you the strength you need to prevent the gate from collapsing.

How Difficult Are Baby Gates To Use?

I get this question quite a bit because with all the different styles and makes it can sometimes get confusing for any parent. But the fact is, baby safety gates are very easy to set up and use. In particular, a pressure mounted gate can be put up in only seconds.

Even the hardware mounted models include templates and you can get installation kits to make things super easy for even the most novice of handy persons.

Where Can I Find A Variety Of Different Gates To Choose From?

One of the things we found when shopping for baby gates for stairs and flyttstädning järfälla other areas of our home was that they were often hard to find. Sure, some of the big discount stores carry one of two different models, but that’s it. We found the best solution was to go online to places like Amazon where you will find a massive number of different styles, makes and models.

How Old Does My Child Need To Be In Order To Stop Using These Gates?

This is a somewhat difficult question because again, not all children are alike. For our family we took the gates down when our son was a little under 2-1/2 years old. But for someone else it could be as late as 3-1/2 years before you stop using them.

The one tell-tale sign that might help you determine when to remove them is when your child begins figuring out how to use the gate themselves, or when they begin climbing over the gate.

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