12 Easy Steps to Successful Exhibiting

Colin Green, founder and owner of Best of Show is a Certified Trade Show Marketer (CTSM) from Northern Illinois University. Now living in Jannali, NSW Colin with his wife Hendrika, he provides down-to-earth advice and assistance with exhibiting. Colin has written an eBook entitled 12 Easy Steps to Successful Exhibiting which walks business owners through simple strategies for getting the most out of trade and consumer shows.

“Exhibiting at Trade and Consumer shows is easy when you know the formula,” Colin explains in the introduction to the book. “The basics of exhibiting are universal. I have worked in shows all over the world and the similarities struck me FAR more than the differences. What works in a property show in Melbourne, Australia mostly works at an ICT show in Las Vegas, a boat show in London, a food show in Beijing or a travel fair in Moscow.”

Exhibition Check List

Colin has designed the eBook as a checklist of the sequential steps presenting the information in a logical and easy-to-follow format. Exhibitors are encouraged to use it to spark ideas. The book has been created to make the preparation and implementation of exhibiting enjoyable by showing how to remove some of the headaches business owners may face.

The chapter headings of this compact publication clearly outline the steps to take:

  1. Set Winning Objectives – Know what you want to achieve.
  2. This is vital to creating success and most exhibitors lack them or forget to put them in place. You will already be ahead by setting them before the show.
  3. Target your Market – With Precise and Crystal Clarity.
  4. Knowing the attributes of your targeted customers intimately comes from being clear and specific about who you plan to target.
  5. Promote Way BEFORE the Show! – Integrate your Promotions!
  6. Visitors to shows have a “must see list” and you need to be on it. An integrated, pre-show promotion is time and cost effective and extremely powerful.
  7. Seize Your “At Show” Opportunities! – Participate in the Rich Rewards Shows Offer!
  8. Scour any promotional material or communications about the show for hidden opportunities. Use this information to encourage customers and prospects to visit your stand.
  9. Design Your Magnetic Exhibit (Booth) to Attract your Ideal Audience!
  10. By being familiar with your Target Market, you can plan out the design of your booth incorporating the appropriate colours and cultural aspects with clarity and purpose.
  11. Train Your Staff – Your Rewards Will Astound You!
  12. Having the right staff members manning your exhibit can make or break your success. You need to train your team to synergize with your Target Market.
  13. Plan to Party – Seek out Your Networking Opportunities!
  14. Prepare yourself and your team for the valuable networking opportunities throughout the show including social events if provided.
  15. Stop and Delight Your Target Audience – Secure their Attention: Develop their Interest.
  16. By identifying your Target Market, you can plan how to get them to stop at your stand. Once they are there, impress and delight them. Grab their attention by being memorable.
  17. Gather GREAT Leads! – Why are most leads abandoned?
  18. A lot of time and effort is put into gathering leads but few are actually followed up. There are four main reasons why this happens and you need to be aware of them to avoid wasting this valuable resource.
  19. 1Measure Your Results – Prove Your Show’s Worth!
  20. Know how to prove the value of being part of any show or exhibition. Using numerical and subjective measurement is easy and important.
  21. 1Maintain Your Momentum – Don’t stop! Keep Moving!
  22. Don’t get lulled into post-show inactivity. The work is only half done. Create systems to follow and make sure you work through them. Don’t waste the valuable opportunities!
  23. 1Budget Effectively! – Looking Great with Less!
  24. Exhibiting on a budget and still looking good is possible. Maintain your place in the show but know how to keep your resources lean.
  25. 12 Easy Steps to Successful Exhibiting provides exhibiting gold and TSBI members have a chance to grab a copy for themselves! As a way of encouraging your participation in October’s Business Marketplace Melbourne, anyone booking an exhibition stand will receive a copy of Colin’s book
  26. We thank Colin for his generosity in making this great publication available.

Colin is available for consulting, training and speaking assignments, including keynotes and can be contacted by telephone at 02-9589-2000 or by email ebooks@bestofshow.com

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