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Business Development Accelerator Program

Business Development Accelerator Program

Our Business Development Accelerator Program, has been specifically designed to provide small business owners, with  a supported training regime to help take their business to the next level!

Over the last 30 years our parent company, the Small Business Mentoring Service has worked  with 1000’s of  small business owners. During this time, we have identified three common issues as being the core reasons why many business fail .

  • Lack of a  clear direction or losing sight of their original objectives
  • Lack of understanding as to what is happening in their business
  • An inability to effectively communicate their offer to  potential  customers

It is from looking at HOW to help clients overcome these issues that the Business Development Accelerator Program was created.

This Program is specifically designed for small business owners who recognize they require help and who are willing to put in the time and effort to create change.

Business Development Accelerator Program overview

The Business  Development Accelerator Program is designed to provide a clear and practical understanding of core business principle along with experiential learning about how to implement these tools.

Our training is deliberately sequential in format and follows  5 Success Pillars, which from our experience, provide a road map to success.

Business Development Accelerator Program Pillar 1 – Know where you are – Understanding what’s really happening in your business and life. Identifying  hidden limiters and areas of challenge.

Topics covered include…

  • Overview
  • Personal Audit
  • Business Audit
  • Wheel of life – personal & business
  • Effectively managing your time

Business Development Accelerator Program Pillar 2 – Know where you are heading – Identify and establishing goals that enable you to be successful in business and life

Topics covered include…

  • Overview of section – Importance of direction
  • Purpose process
  • Strategic objective
  • 5 phase breakdown

Business Development Accelerator Program Pillar 3 – Decide your income – connects you to the financial realities of your business and shows how to set up for the best prospects of success.

Topics covered include…

  • Attitudes to money
  • Why have a financial plan
  • Personal finances
  • Business expenses
  • Budget/cash-flow
  • Sales targets
  • Profitable pricing
  • 4 bank account method
  • Paying bills – good money habits
  • Financial reporting

Business Development Accelerator Program Pillar 4 – Tell the world – encompasses PRACTICAL marketing and promotional activities that are relevant to your small business.

Topics covered include…

  • Basic marketing overview
  • Why & what people buy – talking your customers language
  • IMAGE – why so important
  • Market research and competitive advantage
  • Packaging your product/service
  • Promotion
  • Advertising
  • E- Marketing – effective use of web, social media
  • Strategic partnership marketing
  • Customer loyalty and Warranties
  • Creating a Marketing and Promotion Plan

Business Development Accelerator Program Pillar 5 – Manage for success – which helps you learn, determine and implement best practice management techniques.

Topics covered include…

  • Overview – What to and why should you manage your business
  • Business structures
  • Management systems
  • HR and OH&S
  • Policies, procedures and IP Protection
  • Record keeping/back up

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this Program you will have gained a clear understanding of the many aspects of being in business and developed a working business plan that is specifically geared towards your desired outcomes.

If you are a small business owner and serious about taking your business to the next level, enquire today about the next round Business Development Accelerator Program.