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About Us

The Small Business Institute is dedicated to providing practical small business training to the small business sector.  Giving them a representative voice.

Through our parent company, the Small Business Mentoring Service we have assisted many thousands of small businesses throughout Victoria since 1986.

We have a clear understanding of the challenges faced by small businesses across a wide range of industries and different business cycles.

We truly understand running a small business can be both a rewarding and challenging experience!

Why the Small Business Institute was created

ABS statistics tell us there are approximately 2.1 million small businesses (63% with turnovers of less than $200,000 per annum) who are the lifeblood of the Australian economy. The sad reality is, that a large number of these will close their doors in less than 5 years!

The Small Business Institute was created because we believe the small business community lacks a strong representative voice and has a critical need for small business training that is designed specifically for its needs.

Small business training designed specifically for small business

When we designed our  small business training programs our focus was to provide a range of offerings, that have practical application in the real world.

Our Programs include a range of workshops, seminars and our flagship offering, the 6 -month Business Accelerator Program, which is designed to help take your business to the next level.

All our small business training programs have been created with the needs of small business in mind.

They cater for different learning styles through a combination modalities including workshops, seminars, webinars, videos and online.

As with everything else at The Small Business Institute, it is all about YOU, YOUR business and YOUR success!

Learning without implementation is wasted!

While we see learning and self-development as critical to survival in an increasingly competitive marketplace – without implementation, the investment of both time and money can be wasted!

It is for this reason we have included mentoring support with the majority of our small business training programs – to help participants adapt what they learn to their own specific situation.

If ongoing support is needed, this can also be provided by SBMS for the low price of $80 per session!

Low cost and great value!

In addition to providing low cost great value small business training  programs, we also provide a range of offers from different suppliers that give fantastic value for full members!

Full Membership is completely FREE and provides Members with unique opportunities to access Videos, Resources and discounts on TSBI training & events PLUS a range of carefully selected Supplier offers with potential savings of $1500+/per annum!

Join today – Become part of a vibrant small business community

Become a member of the Small Business Institute today and join a community of like-minded business owners – a community where you can learn how to grow your business, get support, share offers and crucially a community that will give small business owners a voice!

Remember TSBI is about YOU, YOUR business and YOUR success!