Assurance HR Management

We are a full suite HR Provider. In other words, you need it, we can do it.

Our Mission Statement is “We assist Employers to sleep well at night!”

  • Do you need the peace of mind that you are compliant with all National HR Legislation
  • Are you getting the most out of your team?
  • Do you know you are doing everything right when putting on a new member of the team?
  • Do you know how to terminate a team member legally?
  • As an employer are you feeling bullied by your team

We can assist you to not only resolve the issues but also be compliant with National HR Legislation and assist you to manage your employees, volunteers and independent contractors.

We assist organisations right across Australia

What we do

HR Consultancy
Assurance HR Management provides businesses with an experienced HR Manager to provide HR support on site at your workplace and remote telephone and email support when you need it, all at a fraction of the cost of a permanent employee.

HR Documentation
There are times when you just need a form or a package to get you through. We have many different forms and packages, depending on what you need. If it’s not on this list, let us know as we may have what you need at our office.

HR (Cloud Based) Do it Yourself
Managing people in Australia’s ever changing and complicated legal environment continues to challenge large and small business alike. Designed to ease this considerable burden, our DIY Solution empowers businesses to meet those challenges. Simple and easy to use, the program is pre-loaded with HR and WHS templates, policies and workflows.
The program manages Employees, Volunteers and Contractors and includes a WHS module.

HR Mentoring
There are times you know what you think you should do, or should you?
For those people, we offer a HR Professional to be on call and act as both a mentor and sounding board.

HR Telephone Support
There are times you need someone to ask if you are doing the right thing or get
clarification on an issue in the workplace.  We provide you the mobile telephone number of a HR Professional who will work with you to find solutions or answers to your problem.
The recruitment process is a time consuming task at the best of times, and quite often business owners and management do not have the spare time to get it done. So why not let us take this onerous task off your hands completely?
Allow us to help you:
• Prepare Position Descriptions
• Advertise for potential candidates
• Short List Applicants
• Interview Short Listed Applications
• Check References
• Notify Candidates of outcome

DiSC Profiling
As the world of business continues to grow and develop, it becomes ever more difficult to manage your expenses, and one of the major expenses endured by any business relates to staff. As wages and costs increase it becomes ever-more vital that you select the right people for the job and, even more importantly, select people that will work within your ethical standards, represent your company and look after your clients just as you do.
DiSC profiling is not just great for hiring staff. It is specifically designed to help in these important areas:
• Everything DiSC in the Workplace ®
• Everything DiSC® Management
• Everything DiSC® Sales
• Everything DiSC Work of Leaders ®
• Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders
Workplace Culture
Does your company culture excite you, do you wake up in the morning not being able to wait until you get to your workplace or do you need to pull yourself out of bed and only because you have bills to pay do you turn up to work.
This is the place where you spend most of your working life, so why not contribute to a culture that rocks!
Engage us to turn a toxic workplace into one that’s tranquil, assisting Employers to sleep so why not contribute to a culture that rocks!
Engage us to turn a toxic workplace into one that’s tranquil

Call us and see how we can make your good business great, compliant, focused and a place where everyone likes turning up to work.

assisting Employers to sleep