AST Business – AST Legal (China Practice/China Desk Specialist)

AST Business focuses on helping you with starting up, marketing or expanding your business if you are exploring or targeting local and overseas Chinese speaking markets, or working with or partnering with local or overseas Chinese investors, entrepreneurs or companies.

AST Business provides the following services to all sectors:

> communications (project base or ongoing)

> translation of documents

> marketing materials (Chinese version of name cards, webpages etc)

> understanding of Chinese culture (internal seminars or one to one business coaching)

> ongoing general consultancy

> referrals to other consultants or professionals for services (or working in conjunction with them)

> providing legal services via AST Legal

AST Business also provides the following additional services to legal and other professional businesses and practitioners.

> Consultancy services relating to set up, management and expansion of China Practice/China Desk (advising your Managing Partner, CEO, Head of Practice, Practice Manager)

> Outsourcing of China Practice/China Desk (act as the Practice Manager)

> Quality and risk control of Chinese team (internal audit, risk control process, training etc)

> Assistance in the process of hiring Chinese team members (advising your HR manager or recruitment consultant, interviewing in Chinese/Mandarin/Cantonese, reviewing resumes from a China Practice perspective)

> Coaching of China Practice lawyers

AST Legal provides the following legal services:

> company and trust set up

> general commercial advice

> corporate advisory and documentation

> advice and documentation for joint ventures

> legal project and transaction management

> temporary resources for legal projects (providing a senior bilingual lawyer)