Australian Dilapidations

Our team are not only qualified and experienced building contractors, they are also structural engineers which is highly advantageous when it comes to understanding the details required in construction projects. Our clients span across our entire nation and we are valued for our efficiency, cost-effectiveness and professionalism. Dilapidation reports are now an important part of the construction or demolition process. Australian Dilapidations has been established to meet the significant increase in demand for Specialist Dilapidation services. This rapid rise in cases together with the requirement for a higher level of specialist knowledge has resulted in a shortage of service providers.

A dilapidation report, sometimes known as property condition reports, are an inspection with a written report, which includes photographs of a building or property that is undertaken prior to construction works commencing on an adjoining property. The proposed works can include a new unit building house, factory, office block etc. (particularly if there are underground garages), and alterations to a retaining wall, demolition, underground tunneling or road works.