Cadro Pty Ltd (TransPost)

Save time

Import data easily and automatically

TransPost software can take csv or tab-delimited data with its original column format, whether that is determined by your eCommerce system, as sent in by your sales reps using systems such as HandShake, or the sales department’s spreadsheet and pump it directly into MYOB AccountRight.  Not only that, it will use defaults as required from your accounts just like direct data entry does.

File layout and column matching rules are saved in a named ‘mapping’ for re-use so subsequent use is as simple as selecting the file and the mapping and then clicking the Import to MYOB button. While processing the data TransPost retrieves relevant details from the MYOB file to determine appropriate defaults to use for data not supplied. Further, you can set TransPost to run all the imports you need to do with a single click, or fully automatically as files arrive. TransPost logs all activity to provide a complete audit trail.

All TransPost products import

  • Customer details
  • Sales Invoices, including multi-line item and service invoices
  • Customer payments

TransPost Plus will also import a wide range of data including purchases, journals, timesheets and inventory items and adjustments.