CBS Foodtech

We can help you with your food processing solutions. CBS Foodtech are savvy in their knowledge of what the Australian market requires. They are leaders in changing food processing as we know it today. Its also worth noting, CBS Foodtech are the only company that can assist and deliver clients with machinery, machinery process techniques, product application and additive selection and integration. Due to this astute knowledge CBS Foodtech has the ability to perform research and development work for customers in preparation of new products and optimising their processing techniques. Divisions that have benefited from CBS Foodtech include red meat, smallgoods, poultry, fish, cheese, vegetable and convenience sectors. We have the knowledge, expertise and innovative vision to allow your business to perform as efficiently as possible. If you are looking to enhance your business through high-end food processing machines and food processing equipment, we can help. CBS Foodtech offers a fully functional Machine & Product Test Facility that allows us to demonstrate the use of machinery and processing techniques. We are able to actively test ingredients for function and yield, and produce products from concept to production.