Country Fire Authority

CFA has evolved from its informal beginnings in community-based fire brigades to become one of the world’s largest volunteer-based emergency service organisation.

CFA are committed to the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery phases of emergency situations, providing a diverse range of risk reduction, fire suppression and incident management services to minimise the impact of fires and other emergencies on Victorian communities.

Emergency Response

CFA responds to a wide range of emergency incidents 24-hours a day, including:

  • Bushfires and Grassfires
  • Structure fires (Homes and Businesses)
  • Road accidents
  • Chemical spills
  • Rescues
  • Floods and other natural disasters.

Planning and Prevention

Thinking ahead is essential, and CFA allocate significant resources towards preventing fires through land use planning, vegetation management, building inspections and investigating the cause of fires.

Education and Community Engagement

CFA deliver a wide range of community education and safety programs, as well as support services to Victorian communities. The programs include:

  • Children’s Education Programs (Fire Safe Kids, Fire Safe Youth)
  • Fire Ready Victoria
  • Bushfire Planning Workshops
  • Community Fireguard
  • Home Fire Safe
  • Isolated Elderly
  • Emergency Management Planning support
  • Fire Extinguisher training and servicing
  • Locally-driven support services.

CFA members work closely with their local communities to build strong relationships and create a greater awareness of fire safety, education and prevention.

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