The Vision of my business is the world eternal principal “Neither mother, no father, no any other relative can do a man such good as is wrought by a rightly-directed mind”.

The Mission of my business is to introduce and spread the smell of sweet minds all over the world to transform it to a place of nonviolence and harmless people.

This business is established to publish my Story Books and Art Works which are creating to build a world free of the smells of bitter minds by lighting up their intelligence and helping transform the world to a safer and happier place for all living beings.

Further ignorance reigns where there are no wise thinking. The quality books are the lights and lamps that illuminate the literature world. If there are more and more such lights and lamps in the literature world and its brightness is brighter then it will help to illuminate the darkness of ignorance in our world. This ambition of my business is accomplished by writing, designing, illustrating and supplying intelligent, edifying, exciting, enjoyable, miracle, and memorable stories, picture books, poems, songs and dramas for the digital book world. My Art Works are to dress them beautifully and also to beautify their living environments.


The Head Master

The Flower Tail

The Foolish Fox

The Egg Hoppers

The Rat Gods

The Registrar

The Owl Bride

The Wise Fighter

The Police & the Spy

The God’s Drink

The Gift to Mother Crocodile

The Woman Devotee

The Wonderful Pram

Moon Bunny

THE BOOK LIST (Sinhalese Language)

Bakamunu Manamali

Golu Mangula

Mee Deviyo

MulGuru Thuma


Kimbulita Kambayak

Apuru Ra Madinna

Vasity Nadagama (Drama Book)

Kavi Mal (Poem Book)


The Art Teacher

The White Bunny

The Farm

The Good Sleep

The Prawn Catcher

The Registrar

Woman on Jack Tree

Uncle Moon

Village Bouticque

and many more.

Two of my Art Works “The Registrar” and “The Farm” are currently on exhibition at the Seasonal Art Exhibition being held featuring over 150 works by visual local artists till 19th of this Month in The Great Hall of the City of Whittlesea. The Art Work “The Registrar” has been published in the publication published for this event by the City Council under the name “Seasonal”.