Evolve Essentials Pty Ltd

Start up micro business manufacturing small run green cleaning and eco cosmetic products. Main distribution channel will be web based (current eta on website 6 weeks as at 29/02/13) and have been attending markets/festivals for nearly 6 months in an effort to conduct low expense market research and “cut our teeth”. We are particularly interested in effective social networking and creative campaigning. Our web brief is largely concentrated on looking clean, clinical, engaging and sophisticated. The ingredients in our products are high quality and all natural and largely certified organic. Differentiating factors are: no synthetics, meaningful levels of certified organic ingredients, no animal products / byproducts / testing (suitable for vegans), 100% post consumer recycled paper used throughout the business, we run a paperless office and use green energy, we research the “green-ness” of our supply chain eg our webhost has an excellent environmental policy, our printer provides green alternatives for printing stock/ink and is local, some of our materials are fair trade etc We aren’t in this for the quick buck, moreso to create a strong brand and awareness, provide for a sense of community to our repeat customers and above all convert families to more sustainable household practices and purchasing.