Helpful Hypnotherapy

The Power within you. Working for you.

Have you ever made up your mind to do something…
Maybe to stop smoking or start exercising or eat better or lose those few extra kilos and then……….not followed through?
Nearly all of us have had the experience of deciding determinedly to start a new healthy, productive habit or to stop a destructive one – and then not following through.
People have multiple, internal motivations going on at the same time – some of them at cross-purposes.

Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis helps these motivations work together to get the results YOU want.

Help with:
• Stop Smoking
• Weight Loss
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Insomnia
• Confidence building
• Fears
• Phobias
…..and more

Is it time for change? If not now….when?

“You have always had something to say to me to put things in perspective”
A.B., Cranbourne

“I think you are very intuitive and I feel so relaxed with you. You have the gift of saying the right thing.”
C.S., Monbulk

“I visited Helpful Hypnotherapy recently for help in quitting smoking. I smoked heavily for 15 years, often thinking I should give up but being overwhelmed at actually doing so. I have not smoke a single cigarette since my appointment with them and now call myself a non-smoker. I would recommend anyone thinking about giving up make an appointment. I was a little skeptical at first but am now proof that it does work… ”
J.P. Belgrave

“I feel so much stronger and clearer and like a weight is lifted. Oh I seem to have lost weight! I’m down now a size 18 and shrinking. I swear to you, just like that ! MAGIC. I feel different I shall tell you that. Like I have had surgery on my mind when I wasn’t looking!
I can say that I can see a direction now. I can feel hope. I feel confident. I can feel my passion starting to return. It’s like I know what I have to do. I have noticed that my mind chatter, especially the negative mind chatter is starting to stop.
What has been interesting is that as I have made a shift I can see how that is shifting other areas in my life.
I really felt like you heard what I was saying, thanks for listening.
I can’t thank you enough. It was really great to meet you.”
M.T., Doveton

Justine Dyas
Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist