Henna Paradise

If you are looking for a gorgeous Henna makeover in Brisbane, then ‘Henna Paradise’; offers you customized mehndi designs at budget-friendly rates. Whatever Henna tattoo designs in Brisbane you choose; we have our experts to design it wherever you like, perfectly!

All you need to tell us is your budget and the type of styling you prefer. Other than this option; we also offer you hourly design prices that you can choose.

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer you quality Bridal Henna Service in Brisbane starting at a low price of $10.
  • Our skillful Henna artist in Brisbane can design whatever style you choose immaculately.
  • Our Mehndi Artist in Brisbane; possess years of experience and have performed gorgeous henna designs for pregnant women, to-be -brides and bridal party attendants.

What Includes in Our Services and Products?

For your various events; we offer you a variety of services and products.

Our Services Include:

  • Bridal Henna makeover in Brisbane
  • Bridal Mehndi belly designing in Brisbane
  • Birthdays, bridal shower and baby shower Henna services
  • Hen‘s party, Tea parties, corporate events, corporate services
  • Charity events, festivals and many other events that seek for gorgeous Henna makeovers
  • We also offer stunning white Henna makeover in Brisbane to give you that stunning bridal appearance.

And Our Products Include:

We Also Offer Quality:

  • Henna Cones (5pack/10 Pack/Double Pack)
  • Henna Powder 100grams
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Henna Paste (Double-Pack)
  • Cajeput Essential Oils
  • White Henna Cones

And more…! Feel free to browse our full range of products and services. And before booking, make sure you mention the degree of design coverage, the particular design, and your budget. It will help us serve you better!