Iles Property Services

Barry & Matthew Iles present an integrated property management system that aims to maximise returns and encourage the acquisition of property by taking the shackles of huge numbers of minor tasks, statutory requirements and ever changing legislation related to daily management and freeing the property owner to do what they do best.

We provide the opportunity to commission research that is unilaterally designed for the client. This will offer a chance to minimise risk and target primary trade areas with the required demographic and psychographic profiling. Barry & Matthew Iles research is another tool in the armoury of precision systems and information that will allow our clients to focus and freely commit to the future.

Barry & Matthew Iles has the ability to report on and manage every aspect of a property portfolio in all its present and future incarnations. Our objective is to free our clients from the tedious and time consuming processes that may constrict and confine the ongoing vision and ambition to expand.

We are confident that the Barry & Matthew Iles system reflects the same passion, vision, attention to detail and integrity that make our clients as successful as they find themselves today.