Markstone Management Consultants

Three ways we can help your business

Our consultants can advise and assist your business to secure positive funding outcomes from government in three different ways:

  • AusIndustry R&D Tax Incentive
  • Grant and program applications
  • Tenders, submissions and contracts


Markstone has deep expertise with government and a solid track record of achieving successful funding and contract outcomes for our clients. Whether you are a small or large business, an international company or a not-for-profit agency, we can help you navigate the system and gain positive funding outcomes from the three levels of government.



AusIndustry R&D Tax Incentive

The Australian Government offers a 43.5% AusIndustry R&D Tax Incentive rebate to companies that have invested in innovation and R&D projects to create new knowledge and develop new products or services for their business.

The R&D Tax Incentive is the largest program in Australia to help business undertake research and development. More than $1.8 billion is awarded every year and it is not competitive – if you are eligible you are entitled to a rebate.

More than 70% of eligible companies do not apply for the rebate.

Markstone believes it makes sound business sense to check out government programs. We help to ensure our clients do not miss out on tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in rebates they may be entitled to receive from the AusIndustry R&D Tax Incentive program.

Our consultants start with a simple test to determine your eligibility:

  1. Are you a registered proprietary limited company?
  2. Did you seek to create new knowledge, products or services for your business?
  3. Did your R&D effort have a chance of failure – or result in failure?
  4. Did you spend more than $20k on your R&D project(s)?

We work with you, your business and our expert R&D tax accountants to shape your information into content for a robust, compliant application that enables your business to claim the rebate it is entitled to receive. We also help you to plan your R&D projects to provide information that maximises the rebate you receive.

Markstone understands the work and information that goes into making a successful application. We offer free consultation to determine if you are eligible and to explain how the program works. Our fees are only payable when your rebate is approved. We back our expertise by sharing risk on obtaining a successful outcome.