Matcha Maiden

Matcha Maiden brings organic, vegan friendly and gluten free Matcha powder to the masses. Founders Nic Davidson and Sarah Holloway were captured by the uplifting properties and gentle source of caffeine.

Through the struggle of finding middle ground between the expensive ceremonial grade and the cheap ingredient grade of matcha, Matcha Maiden was born.

Matcha Maiden offers a range of blends from the original to special blends, and it all comes from Kyoto, Japan and certified organic by JAS. The matcha that we bring to you has 10 times more nutritional content than regular green tea, where you’re essentially consuming the whole leaf instead of throwing the leaves out after a pour.

Matcha is known to boost immunity, enhances metabolism, provides energy and focus, natural and full of vitamins and minerals. The premium quality of matcha also allows you to prepare it as a plain tea without whisking, yet versatile enough to be used in other beverages, foods and skin care!

Matcha Maiden brings premium quality, organic matcha powder to you at affordable prices and with the easiest of accessibility, just click to order!