Mica and Insulating Supplies Co. Pty Ltd (MISCO)

Mica and Insulating Supplies Co. Pty Ltd (MISCO) is a proudly Australian owned and operated company, providing electrical and thermal insulating materials and products including

Type X Switch Panel

Densified wood

G10 and FR4

G11 Epoxy Glass

Fabric and Paper Bakelite



Epoxy Phenolic

Standoff Insulators

Earth / Neutral Brass Bars

Heat Shrink Tubing

Silicone fibreglass Sleeving


Strengthened by the most efficient and reliable technical advice and products of the highest quality, with full fabrication and distribution capabilities from our Dandenong South location.

Some of the industries we supply to

Switchboard Builders

Motor Rewinds

Transformer Manufactures

Electric Furnace Manufacturers and Repairs


Contact us for more information on our products and how we can help your business.