My Home Curtain Cleaning Perth

Curtains can frequently be the last thing that you will consider cleaning on a Regular basis if at all. They can often be forgotten and you will be stunned how much Dirt and Dust your curtains can gather. If stale, dusty, offensive curtains are a concern to you, here at My Home Curtain Cleaning Perth we can safely and effectively clean them all, whether they are new, antique or just old. Our curtain cleaning can make a surprising difference to any home, which is why we recommend them to be professionally cleaned approximately every 12 – 18 months. We have the expertise to deal with all types of curtains and tapestries, and take pride in them as much as you do. We dry clean them in situ so there are no worries of taking them down, cleaning both the curtain and the linings. Stale offensive odours are reduced or removed creating a more pleasant atmosphere in the home.