New Life Coach

Because in our world we function in many cases in the context of work and personal life, there is a point where a need for transformation and embracing change is essential to evolution and sustainability. The basis of Maria’s work combines the area of values, creating a vision and aligning individuals to embrace change within organisations and in their personal lives so real transformation can occur.

Maria has her own private practice and furthermore works in the consulting and health area specialising in Stop Smoking, Weight Management and Unlocking Happiness amongst the main programs offered. Clients want to overcome fears, negative beliefs and past experiences that limit their full potential and New Life Coach utilises breakthrough techniques assisting clients to obtain great results and lasting change.

Maria is passionate, dynamic, charismatic and genuinely interested in helping people within organisations to embrace change with the Joy of Living so business owners can too reap the rewards of aligning their staff in designing a life they are excited to live and work.

Maria has first-hand experience in the power of personal transformation. She is currently living her dream and inspiring others to live theirs through New Life Coach. In this way, Maria believes she contributes to a positive global shift in consciousness and lifestyle of individuals and organisations.

‘My greatest desire is to help clients to shed restrictive baggage and live a creative and satisfying life with solid values’

‘I believe everyone can achieve the life they desire through focus and determination’

Maria is a certified Master Coach and the founder of New Life Coach.
She is a graduate of the Tad James Company and is an accredited Master NLP Practitioner, Master Time Line Therapy® and Master Hypnosis Practitioner. Maria also gained a Certificate IV in Personal and Business Coaching from Fire Up Coaching in Melbourne.