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Providing 8 types of different shutters:

1.        Secureright shutters:

Secure-Right Domestic 42mm Curved profile has been designed to last and built to perform for our harsh Australian Conditions. Made right here in Australia using the highest quality European machines available in today’s market, they’re matched with first class materials that are second to none. This is why GuardRight can offer Solutions to our customers for uncompromising all year round better quality of living and peace of mind.

The Aluminum 2 ply construction is composed of high-quality coil aluminium which enables GuardRight to inject a polyurethane insert core which is CFC free so that you can enjoy the benefits of all year energy savings.

2.        Secureright-HD Shutters:

Secure-Right HD Domestic 42mm Curved profile is the big sister to our Secure-Right Range of affordable roller shutters. as times are ever changing and so are our client’s needs GuardRight introduced the Secure-Right HD range as a heavy Duty Option for customers looking for that extra security and protection.

3.        SpanRight Shutters:

Span-Right Domestic/Commercial 55mm Curved profile has been designed to suit wide windows and openings in today’s new construction designs. Designed for the harsh Australian Conditions. Made right here in Australia using precision 2ply roll formed Aluminum profile.

This enables GuardRight to offer Solutions to our customers that have large openings such as stacker doors, Bi-fold door, Alfresco openings or maybe the opening in your office so that you can sublease that unused space. designed to ensure optimum strength and resistance for uncompromising all year piece of mind.

4.        SpanRight-HD Shutters:

Span-Right HD Commercial 77mm Curved profile is the big brother to our Span-Right Range of Widespan roller shutters. GuardRight is always evolving its range to suit the construction industries and the request of the architects and builders alike as the traditional roller shutter is simply no longer suitable as our industry requirements are ever changing.

GuardRight introduced the Span-Right HD range as a heavy Duty Option for customers looking at stretching the boundaries of the traditional roller shutters the Span-Right HD is ideal for large spans like Roller Door, stacker doors, Bi-fold doors, alfresco areas & room encloses.

5.        EasyView Shutters:

GuardRight Introduced the EasyView Roller Shutter range as our customers were looking for the benefits of traditional roller shutters but wanted to maintain the view they have come to love. so with that said the design process started and today after intensive testing we are pleased to bring our customers the elegant EasyVeiw Range since its release it has become popular on many openings across Australia.

With a Choice of Powder Coated colours and choice in tinted or clear UV stabilised Polycarbonate Profiles and also a choice of 9 control options to suit your needs.

6.        EasyView-HD Shutters:

EasyVeiw HD Commercial 50mm Curved profile has been designed to suit wide windows and openings in today’s new construction designs. Designed for the harsh Australian Conditions. Made right here in Australia using Extruded Aluminium single skinned wall profile.

This enables the 20% vision through the profile when in the closed position. it also allows for great ventilation and airflow due to the precision of the perforation. ideal for homes or businesses that require having a view but would like to maintain their view.

7.        FireSafe Shutters:

GuardRight Introduced the Firesafe Bushfire Rated Roller Shutter range for as it is ideal for homes and business owners who want to protect their property and families from bushfires, because they live in high vegetation country and semi-rural locations and in some cases it is a local government or council requirement to have the Firesafe roller shutter fitted in the building process.

The Firesafe roller shutters went through rigorous testing with the CSIRO, test report number FSZ1379.

8.        CycloneSafe Shutters:

GuardRight Introduced the Cyclonesafe Roller Shutter range as the need for Cyclone rated and extreme wind resistant roller shutters became a hight priority as mother nature change very quickly and Australian started to experience regular Storms and Cyclones.

So it was clear that GuardRight needed to introduce a product that can help prevent the devastation that many home and business are faced with in the aftermath of such storms. after many years of research and development and the extreme testing that the Cyclonesafe roller shutter underwent to achieve this result is a high achievement. the Cyclonesafe is now beeing used around the world due to it world class construction.

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