Rushcutters Health

We at Rushcutters focus on personal training and look after people by assessing them to offer individualised weekly training program and planned diet. Trainers employed for personal training in Potts Point, Rushcutters Bay and Edgecliff give people the motivation to achieve the desired result. Our gyms in Rushcutters Bay and Darling Point provide the real-time health coaching by certified and passionate professionals. Moreover, our long-term thinking works on sensible programming that motivates people to change their unhealthy habits. We are confident about the methods and training program that would work best for you. Moreover, we also look for passionate people with right values and serve them the chance to grow with us.

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Why choose us:

When people search for personal training at reputable gyms in Edgecliff, Potts Point and Darling Point, we come as one of the leading ones. You could join our weekly personal training in Rushcutters bay that includes multiple programs like strength and aerobic training program, dietary analysis, to weekly ‘check-ins’ and even you will be provided with the access to the outdoor training schedule. Moreover, our personal trainers in Sydney embrace the outdoor group training that people appreciated so far.  With our online timetable, you can schedule your outdoor training program with us. We are accessible to people looking for bespoke training centres come with reliability. Other than being equipped with personal trainer in Sydney, we have customised bathrooms, cardiovascular area, consultation room, reception and outdoor training area to provide an approachable environment to our members.  

Services we provide:

• Personal training
• Outdoor group training