skyrocket my business

Many people start their own business and then discover there’s vastly more to do than they ever imagined.

Most tasks such as bookkeeping, customer service, sales and marketing fall to the owner, regularly requiring long and exhausting hours.

Business owners and managers are also responsible for the frustrating role of being the fire fighter, constantly fixing issues that their staff, while in most cases good intentioned, create on a day-to day basis due to lack of training, lack of care or from a business owners perspective, general incompetence.

It’s no wonder that 85% of small businesses owners, though being initially excited at the prospect of being their own boss, inevitably shut their doors within just 5 years.

Skyrocket My Business can guide you to success through strategic training and support services designed to improve your business performance on both a short-term and longer-term basis.

Business coaching and business mentoring services include executive and management training, sales force training and performance enhancement, strategic planning, business systems development, team building and customer services training.

Skyrocket My Business also provide a range of specialised services including DISC analysis, customer feedback surveys, marketing and advertising advice and creativity development.

Skyrocket My Business provide a range of coaching formats that include, seminars and workshops, access to government training courses, executive mentoring, as well as one on one and in-house coaching.