the backyard vegetable

‘the backyard vegetable’ provides assistance for people who want to have a go at growing food at home but who don’t know quite how to get started. We use a simple no-dig technique which is easy to set up on an unused patch of lawn, or even on paved areas, is easy to convert back to lawn, and easy to add to if more growing space is needed. It is suitable for rental properties and for yards of any size, and is a gardening method which can readily involve children. Options for balconies or patios and for people who need raised garden beds can also be considered.
The aim is for clients to learn by doing, and ongoing support can be provided as needed.
Costs are kept as low as possible.
Credentials include more than 20 years of growing food in a suburban backyard; Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy); Permaculture Design Certificate.
At present ‘the backyard vegetable’ operates mainly in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.