Torneo indoor wristbands

Torneo indoor wristbands are made for a Global indoor championships, a kind of printed cheap rubber wristbands. We can see the title”36 °Torneo Indoor” was printed on these custom silicone wristbands by yellow ink. So these Torneo indoor wristbands were named after the title. The special about these Torneo indoor wristbands is the inner ring printing, actually, for the inner ring phrase, we use a printed screen with the words” Football Club Savosa Massaggio(1980-2017)” to paint yellow ink on the blue surface, make the whole inner ring surface yellow, and leave these blue fonts. The craft gives these Torneo indoor wristbands a clear color and looks like a combination of two colors of material, is turely just a visual effect which brings by the printing craft. Any simply wristbands can be created to been amazing by the post process, and GSJJ is happened to being a professional, if you need to get custom wristbands, welcome to GSJJ.


Custom wristbands Size:” 8*1/2”


Thickness: 1.5mm


Style: printed with one color wristbands.