Total Hydrographic

Total Hydrographic are your certified Hydrographic Surveyors and Marine Mapping/GIS professionals.

We understand that your priorities will be to mitigate risk and deliver your project efficiently, on time and on budget.

Our services include:

Multibeam surveys  – Single beam surveys – Pre- & post- dredging surveys – Hazard detection surveys – Under keel clearance surveys – Marine habitat mapping – Side scan sonar surveys – Marine cartography – GIS consulting – Creation of navigational charts and systems – Volume computations – Cross section profiles – Channel designs

What we do:

We specialise in a variety of hydrographic and land surveying services that allow detailed three-dimensional data capture across any medium from water to land.

We will provide you with essential information you need to efficiently, safely and effectively manage your water body .

Using the latest in hydrographic survey technology we provide you with information relating to depth, hazards, capacity, vegetation and sediment .

We present you with a top quality product in easily accessible, easy to use and easy to share formats .

Hydrographic surveys are carried out by experienced Level 1 and Level 2 surveyors assessed by the Australasian Hydrographic Surveyors Certification Panel.

We’d love to partner with you on your next project that requires you to discover more about what’s happening within a body of water.

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