Velo Electric Bikes

We have mid-mount motors from Bosch, Shimano, Impulse and Bafang, as well as a number of front or rear hub mounted designs. Our range includes Gazelle, eZee, Walleräng, and Australia’s Apollo and  VelectriX.

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There’s many reasons why someone would choose to ride an e-Bike around Melbourne.  For many, it’s the sweat-free commute – you can ride in at full speed in your work clothes without the reliance upon a shower once you arrive.  (Many then choose to ride home at a low or no assist so they can adjust their level of exercise). For others, it’s that hill they need to get up. Perhaps you’re overcoming injury.  Or you’ve lost your license and it’s just too far. Or it’s for those recreational rides you just never seem to have the energy for any more.

Many of our models are great for commuter riding, complete with powerful lights front and rear, full guards and racks to carry your load.  Some are oriented towards comfort, whilst others are ensuring they can be as efficient as possible, and easy to ride either with or without electric assist switched on.  Consequently, we’re only too happy for you to take a test ride on any of the bikes we have in stock.  It’s the best way to ensure the bike is going to suit your unique needs.  All of our bikes come with a 2 month and a 6 month service.