Whiz Kids Therapy

Having bachelor and master degrees in Speech Pathology, we here at Whiz Kids are dedicated to helping children realise their potential. Through our speech pathology services in Melville, we provide evidence based results for our clients.

Some of the services which we provide are:-

• Assessment: Our expert speech pathologist will access the strengths and weaknesses of your child’s speech and language.
Kids speech therapy: This is mostly associated with articulation or speech sound issues. This kind of therapy is perfect if your child is having difficulties in being understood by others.

Kids Speech Therapy Fremantle              Kids Speech Therapy Cockburn

School services:-

• Screens: For those who want a screening for language and speech.
• Literacy: For kids who are facing issues with reading, spelling, writing essays, stories and understanding texts.
• Group: We conduct language and speech therapy for kids in small groups.
• Language and literacy consultation: This is a specialist therapy which is done in classrooms.
• Language: Your kid can’t express themselves or understand what others are saying? This therapy is for you.

Some of the services areas we cater to are:-

South Perth