Wick & Wire Co

Wick & Wire Co is a multi purpose store and we are passionate about all things vape related. We cater to a wide range of clients from beginners to people who want to learn more about the DIY side of things and everyone in between.
We started vaping over 4 years ago with great success and now we want to help others. Whether you need a starter kit, some wick and wire or a flavourful e-juice our online store can fulfil your needs.

Vaping can be quite confusing to those starting out – what’s a clearomizer? What do I need to start out? I want something that is going to be a healthier alternative to smoking but don’t know what I need… And we’re here to help you get over this initial hurdle and help work out what’s best for your needs.

Our website is not only a store but we also publish articles to help our customer learn about the latest products and trends. This also extends to our 2 fantastic brick and mortar certified electronic specialist retail stores in Melbourne.

Wick & Wire Co. E-juices have been tested by people who appreciate flavour and quality and all of our juices are made in a sterile lab using only the finest food grade flavourings, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Our e-juices do not contain any colourants, nicotine or added preservatives.

As of June 2015 all of our e-juices are made in a commercial kitchen to the highest possible hygiene standards. When mixing we wear masks, gloves and hair nets as well as using disposable and/or glass equipment to ensure that there is no cross contamination of flavours.

Our USP grade Propylene Glycol & Vegetable glycerine are found in many food & cosmetic products.

The food grade flavourings we use can be found in products you already have at home like yoghurt, candy & ice cream. All of the flavourings we use are water soluble and natural.