Wind Turbine Pty Ltd

As the world is on the verge of a severe meltdown, alternative environment-friendly power solution has become the most preferred energy resource. Wind Turbine presents to you some of the most convincing power solutions covering both commercial and residential sectors of Australia.

Our Solutions

Energy solution for pumping in agriculture
Source of renewable energy in Australia for portable machinery used in construction sites
Powering up commercial zone by utilising both sunlight and the wind
Providing residential inverters attached to solar panels and wind turbine
Generating 24/7 energy for mining industry
Fixed, semi-fixed and portable power off-grid solutions for military area
Reliable source of energy equipment supplier for emergency relief foundations

Renewable Energy Australia

Our Products

HelicV6 energy monitor
ABB PVI small wind inverters
ABB wind generator interface
Wind turbine dump load
ET Tier 1 Solar Panels

Solar Power System Australia

Why Choose Our Products

Our turbines are uniquely designed perfectly to be installed in both residential and commercial zones
Incorporated with advanced technology, the wind turbine produces minimum noise to make sure the area remains silent
Our wind turbines generator in Australia are meant for mitigating your electricity bills with alternative energy source
Our wind turbines move in slow motion to make sure it can restore power during dark when the solar energy is not functioning
We provide residential & commercial solar power systems in Australia along with the wind turbine for ensuring maximum convenience to our clients
Our wind turbines provide the facility of 12V battery storage