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Making sure you are legal

With the end of another financial year it’s critical you spend some time making sure you are legal in terms of all the incoming changes to Fairwork, superannuation and ATO regulations.

TSBI Supplier – Assurance HR Management – has developed some support packages to help ensure you meet ALL your compliance requirements that start from a low $49/month.

Assurance HR Management also have a suite of business support services with special pricing for TSBI Members like;

  • a FREE HR Compliance Check 
  • 20% Discount* off standard price for HR Advice
  • 20% Discount* off standard price for HR Telephone Support
  • 20% Discount* off standard price for Workplace Management & Culture
  • DIY HR Solutions at list price with a 20% Discount on setup & Training *

PLUS a Bonus one (1) month telephone support (up to 10 issues no longer than 10 mins each) free for the first month for any package when you sign up for a 12 month contract.

Full Information on Assurance HR Management services can be found HERE 

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