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National Survey

TSBI is proudly supporting a National Survey being conducted by Service Crowd that’s been designed to discover what matters most to small to medium business (SMB) owners by asking them about issues such regulations, ease of hiring new staff, licensing and environmental requirements. TSBI believes this survey provides a strong opportunity for the SMB community to be both heard and to influence future policy.

As such, TSBI will helping with making the results public via social media and to the TSBI Membership along with the delivery of  survey results to key policy makers in State, Federal and Local Government as well as Small Business Ministers and Commissioners around the country.

“There will always be a push from the corporate world to deregulate since they stand the benefit the most. But what about small business owners? What do they think about business regulations in Australia?” asks Daniel Duckworth CEO of Service Crowd.

Actual small business owners are rarely asked so directly about their concerns on issues like health and safety requirements.

“We want to know which states provide the best environment for small businesses to thrive” said Daniel Duckworth.

The results of the survey could provide valuable information to both policy makers and budding entrepreneurs.

The team behind the survey said they want to make the results freely available online so that the business community as a whole will benefit from the research.

“Once we have around 3,000 responses we will build an online report indicating which states and cities provide the best environment for small business.”

If you would like to have YOUR say you can complete the survey HERE

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