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Roles to engage and address for business success

In business, no matter how small you are, there are a series of roles you need to engage in and address to create a successful business. All of them require good communication.

1. Technician

You will engage in this role most of the time. You are the expert in your business. However, you need to also apply a mental mechanism where you take off the technician’s hat and proactively address other aspects of your business.

2. Strategic Management

This is where you set out your goals, tracking your progress, checking if they are still appropriate and working out the path you need to take to get you there. It is about working completely ON your business. The plan is to actually make yourself redundant over time.

When you set your goals, measure them every quarter to see how many you have achieved.

You need to take time out and ask yourself “Am I really meeting my goals?”

3. Marketing

The first step is strategic. Once you have recognised who your audience is, you need to plan out how they will get the right information about your business. What method of communication will you use? Then you take that hat off and become operational. Make sure you are proactively marketing your business and measure whether your marketing is in line with your goals. Are you communicating with the right market?

Marketing means being proactive – sit down and map out when to make the telephone calls, or attend networking events, or make a presentation. You can’t wait until the phone stops ringing to do that. Include time on retaining your current clients as well. Become proactive on a recurring basis. If you don’t, you are leaving your prospects and customers open for other people to come in and take them away.

4. Financial Goals


Every week you need to put on your bookkeeping hat on (or someone else should). This should NOT be the calculation of your tax obligations. It is the way you validate what is happening in your business and measure if you are on the way to meeting your financial goals. This information is VITALLY important!

5. HR Hat

This is your biggest responsibility. Once again, there is a strategic component followed by an operational one. This is not just about putting the right people in place. It is about developing a culture within your business. You are consolidating your company values through people who have to deliver those values. With your HR Hat on, you need to consider what you can do to ensure the people in your team continue to project the right values and engage in your business.

An important thing to remember is that it is a work in progress and can take years of hard work to achieve your biggest outcomes. Communication is the key but communication can also be very tricky. It relies on four components:

  • And the noise that gets in the way

To achieve ongoing understanding, you have to be persistent. Allow the business to grow around you so that you can move from one role to the other. Encourage efficiency in your staff. Make sure they know how you work and what works in your business. You must actually establish goals in the first place and measure them on a regular basis. List out each goal, the action to take and the steps you have already taken. Do this on a regular basis so you can see you are making progress. Otherwise you may end up doing doggy paddle in one spot rather than freestyle and moving on.

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