Solving problems not treating the symptoms

If your business is too small to have your own IT department, then Australia Wide I.T. can help you manage all your I.T. needs. They work with small businesses and medium enterprises with 2-100 employees. They take care of desktop support issues, server maintenance and equipment installation.

“Often businesses become customers when they have grown to a certain point and it’s no longer feasible for the business owner to do it all themselves.  Generally they’re not using their computers to their full potential. They’re frustrated trying to work with an I.T. company that’s not fixing things properly or are difficult to get in touch with,” explains Adam Goudge, Director of Australia Wide I.T.

The company prides themselves on having an average turn-around time of 1-2 days once they receive a call for help from a customer. However, once they become customers, businesses don’t tend to have emergencies because of the proactive approach Australia Wide I.T. takes. They specialise in creating systems so that the computer system is less likely to fail.

Adam is clear that the secret to the company’s success comes from their commitment to get to the source of any computer problem their customers have instead of simply treating the symptoms. “When customers call us because something is not quite working properly – they call it a problem but they are actually describing symptoms. We check through the symptoms to analyse what the problem is and then we come up with a solution,” he explains.

With over 30 years’ experience between them, the Australia Wide I.T. team have seen problems many times before and can quickly give an assessment of what the problem is and provide the solution.

The company has a set of values regarding their customer service that they take very seriously:

  • Customers are not left waiting for someone to turn up.
  • The team is available 24 hours per day on a 1800 number (except Christmas Day).
  • When customers ring after hours, they don’t get an answering service and know the person they are talking to.
  • They reduce down-time for customers by getting a result quicker.
  • By doing it quickly, they are doing it cheaper for the customer.
  • They are big on talking customers through how to avoid any problems in the future.

“We give a guarantee – if we can’t fix it, we’ll pay you!” Adam continues, “This guarantee drives our business. We are Microsoft based and focus on what we are good at.”

Australia Wide I.T. provides support on site – they prefer this where practical. Being on site helps them understand their customers’ needs better. It also enables them to guide customers on how to use I.T. to be more efficient. Remote support is also available where the job is likely to be short or there is a lot of travel. This saves time and money for the customer as well.

“We began the business by knocking on doors of the local area and those customers are still with us seven years later. That’s got to say something about our business and customer service.”

In addition to Australia Wide I.T.’s very generous 20% discount on services for TSBI members until August 31st this year, Australia Wide I.T. are giving away the first hour free when you call them and quote your TSBI membership number.

To take them up on this offer all you need to do is call 1800 350 509 during business hours and tell them your TSBI member number.

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