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The importance of effective website copywriting

I am increasingly being asked to review client’s website copy and advise how they can increase traffic and visitation to their site. A number of improvements and suggestions immediately come to mind and I thought it would be worthwhile sharing these with you.

  1. If your website is relatively new my first piece of advice is to be patient.
  2. The identification and effective use of keywords throughout your website is paramount for search engine optimisation. Your web designer would have talked to you about this but if not I am happy to assist.
  3. Be clear about what business/industry sector you are in because this determines what words people use to search for a service or product like yours.
  4. Conduct your own keyword search and don’t limit it to just one or two phrases. Incorporate three or four keyword phrases throughout your website copy. Importantly some keyword phrases list millions of search results so it is very easy to get lost in the masses. You become a very small fish in a huge pond and therefore it is very difficult to rank highly and to stay there.
  5. I believe that people surfing the web will consider listings on pages 1-3. Pages beyond that are not visited much at all so your goal is to get your website listed on pages 1 or 2.
  6. Worth considering is to refine your keyword search by selecting relevant and targeted keywords that reduce the size of the pond and make you a bigger fish. What I mean is that in the case of Design Wordz, I could focus on the keyword ‘copywriter’ but it attracts millions of search results. Instead I have chosen ‘copywriter Melbourne, copywriting Melbourne, copywriting services Melbourne’ as my keywords in order to reduce the total number of search results (which is still in the 100,000’s) and position me higher up the rankings.  My website ranks 5th for ‘copywriting services            Melbourne’.
  7. I recommend you consider an Ad Words campaign. You will list consistently on page 1 or 2 for the keywords you select. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it can be effective. Some say that 50 percent of surfers ignore paid advertising.  My reply to that is what about the other 50 percent?  Your need to ensure your ad stands out and is cleverly crafted because you are limited in the    number of words you can use.
  8. Link your Facebook, Linked In and other social media pages to your website and blog. Ensure the links are well placed and big enough to see.
  9. Most importantly make sure your content is concise and to the point. Long sentences (beyond 30 words absolute max) have no place in good copywriting.  Also have a look at what your competition are doing. Identify what they do well and apply those principles to your website.

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Guest article by Helen Ward

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