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Top speakers unplugged

There’s been nothing like it. EVER!

7 extraordinary entrepreneurs and top speakers unplugged at a day built around YOU!

Direct. Face-to-Face. Unplugged.

Imagine it

Imagine the impact

Imagine the difference to your business!

Take these experts into the areas of your business that you want to go to. Share your business challenges with them and get them to help you unravel them with the solutions, ideas and insights that only they can give you.

It’s all day. It’s immersive.  And you get to do it for far less than you’d pay your average business coach for ONE hour.

This LIVE event enables you to get up close and ask the burning questions you have from those that have walked the path before you. Ask the questions of how the MAG 7 have been successful, how they overcame their challenges and how they gained their longevity.

Ask the MAG 7 what worked what didn’t and why?… This is an opportunity for YOU like no other, to share with the MAG 7  your business challenges and have them assist you  with ideas and insights.

So who are the Mag 7?

Allan Pease – Sells 8 MILLION books a year and creates opportunities galore!

Paul Dunn – 4-times TEDx speaker who’s created 70 million+ philanthropic impacts.

Eric Bailey – Ranked #22 globally for his speaking expertise. Inspired 3 Million+ people.

Alex Pirouz – The Linkfluencer educating over 10,000 business in 30 countries across 55 industries.

Andrew Satterley – A CEO like No Other achieving focused growth into 9 countries in the largest emerging market.

David Wright – Spending & Cashflow expert educating 30,000+ families to become financially aware.

Vikki Malmberg – The Small Business Queen with 16 years in business enjoying national & international success.

How the MAG 7 came to be… The Magnificent 7 the block buster Western of the 1960’s, features seven men with specific expertise in their chosen field. They unite to help a small village rid themselves of ruthless bandits. Individually, each one was magnificent yet when they pool their resources, they become unbeatable!

MAG 7 is based on a similar philosophy. Individually our Entrepreneurs are sensational. When they combine, they become an awesome force!


How much does it cost? – this depends on your booking level BUT we have a special offer for TSBI Members where you can take a friend or colleague for FREE – that’s right, TSBI Members get a special 2 for 1 price – juts use the promo code 2FOR1 when making your booking

Where/When is it? – The City Convention Centre – Melbourne 12/300 Flinders Street Melbourne, VIC 3000 – Friday September 11, 2015 – all day from 8.30am

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