2 Corinthians wristbands

In recent years,cheap rubber wristbands are not just a simple accessories, they often appeared with different meaning in different occasions. The diverse styles and colors always give person the different visual perception. The simply wristbands of single color  are most common, but these 2 Corinthians wristbands appear with a special color to everybody’s field of vision, give people a different visual conflict, because of the swirling color scheme of 2 Corinthians wristbands ,we call them as swirled wristbands,they are colorful and lively, this kind of custom silicone wristbands are very suitable for some occasions with lively theme, and also widely popular among young people. if you want to get custom wristbands like 2 Corinthians wristbands, let GSJJ know, we will provide you with professional services, and will make all rubber wristbands custom cheap for you.


Custom wristbands Size: 8″*1/2″


Thickness: 1.5mm


Style: Swirled and Debossed wristbands with one color filled