Chipstar Australia

Chipstar Australia manufacture and import the best quality wood chippers, mulchers and industrial composting solutions. From their base in Kilsyth, Chipstar Australia are best known for their revolutionary Vortex chippers which boasts a wider neck for faster, easier feeding.

wood chippers by chipstar

PTO Chippers

Chipstar import and manufacture several robust brands of PTO chippers for use around the farm or large property, attached to a tractor. PTO models include the GTS1300 PTO Mulcher/Chipper, and the Linddana TP 130 and TPO 100 PTOs.

Chipstar Australian Designed Chippers

The Chipstar 180 MX, 260 MX, 355 MX and the Chipstar Vortex 6″ Drum are all designed in-house to meet Australian conditions and industry requirements. Arborists / Tree-Loppers will be blown away by the Vortex system that enables faster, easier feeding into the chipper, getting the clean-up done so much faster after the fun stuff up top is done!

Negri Italian-made Chippers

Negri’s wood chippers and mulchers for landscapers, farmers, hobby farmers & domestic gardeners. Bio-shredders shred garden prunings, reducing their volume in order to obtain useful compost. Their chippers shred different kinds of branches, even big ones, in order to obtain woodchips that can be used as fuel for chip or pellet heaters or as mulch.

Lindanna Wood Chippers

Linddana has successfully designed, manufactured and sold its well-known brand of TP Wood Chippers since 1980, and today the company is a market leader. The Danish-owned company offers a strong selection of functional and reliable wood chippers for landscaping and biomass production.

TP Wood Chippers are well-known for their extreme user-friendliness, robust design and high efficiency. They are designed to meet the strictest safety standards, to be eco-friendly and economical on fuel.

Kollvik Industrial Composters

Kollvik large scale fully computerised commercial composters enable the efficient, safe and clean composting of all kinds of organic and food waste through selective collection.


  • Built-in mixing and ventilation systems of the compostable matter
  • Built-in shredder
  • Improved ventilation systems
  • Fully automatic operation including loading and unloading options
  • Fully enclosed and insulated composting tank
  • Full on line management systems options including password protection

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